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  Black Friday is November 29 -- but Best Buy are kicking off early, in which case it's now. The retailer has started early with a huge sale that includes some of the best deals we've seen of the holiday season thus far. Best Buy are setting the all-time lowest prices on the Apple Watch Series 4, this year's MacBook Air, Beats headphones and the HomePod smart speaker. Rhere are also killer deals to be had at Best Buy on Microsoft's new Surface Pro 7 and a heap of other laptops, tablets, TVs and more.

  You need to be a member of My Best Buy rewards program, the basic tier of which is free, to take advantage of some of the best sale prices. Discounts are available online and in-store. We'll keep this list up to date with the best deals in real-time, but the current highlights are below.

  Best Buy has also revealed its Black Friday ad, offering many specific products it's selling for the real Black Friday timeframe later this month. 

  Note that most of these sale prices are good through Sunday, November 10, but some will sell out as the sale progresses.

  Best Buy has Bose's SoundLink Revolve on sale for 0, which is the lowest price we've seen for it. This model is smaller than the SoundLink Revolve Plus, but it's a very good compact Bluetooth speaker. Read our Bose SoundLink Revolve review.

  Best Buy has the JLabs JBuds Air on sale for through Sunday, Nov. 10. They normally retail for . JLabs makes a lot of true wireless earphones and this is its most affordable -- and frankly, the only one I'd buy. It's a decent set of true wireless earbuds that's a relative bargain at .

  We saw this deal last year but it's still a good one: Sony's micro Bluetooth speaker, the SRS-XB01, is on sale for at Best Buy. Read our Sony SRS-XB01 review.

  This is a superior deal on Nike's fantastic edition of the Series 4. Without a doubt, the lowest price we've seen to date. Read our Apple Watch Series 4 review.

  Since the new Series 5 debuted in September, the Series 4 has been priced at about 0. Now, Best Buy has it for 9. 

  And if you're looking for something more premium, you can also now pick up the stainless steel edition of this watch for 9 -- that's 0 off the previous 9 price. Read our Apple Watch Series 4 review.

  If you're less inclined to buy from Apple, Garmin's rugged fitness watches are great. The Fenix 5X cost 0 when it came out in 2017 -- now, Best Buy has it for 0. I've been using Garmin's lower-end Forerunner 245 and I like it a lot. The model on sale here includes all of its fitness tracking functions and adds an altimeter and barometer. Plus, you get topographic US maps, routable cycling maps for turn-by-turn navigation and a scratch-resistant sapphire lens. Read our Garmin Fenix 5X preview.

  Amazon offers up a nice discount on the brand-new MacBook Air -- the one with the Retina True Tone display -- that Apple released in July. This is 0 off Apple's list price. Read our MacBook Air 2019 preview.

  Walmart has been selling these headphones for about 0 -- a massive discount off the 0 list price. Now, Best Buy takes it a step further by cutting the price to . Read our Powerbeats3 review.

  We think these are the best Beats headphones. Now selling for their lowest price ever. Read our Beats Studio3 review.

  Apple sliced off the price of the HomePod back in April. But Best Buy has picked up the knife for some additional trimming. This is the lowest price we've ever seen on Apple's smart speaker. Read our Apple HomePod review.

  We love the UE Boom 2 -- a compact, durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that plays loud and sounds good. It's stain-resistant, shock-resistant and fully waterproof. Battery life is a strong 15 hours, and it can be paired with a second UE speaker for stereo sound. Read our UE Boom 2 review.

  Sure, this entry-level configuration has lower-end components (Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD). But you're still getting the best Windows two-in-one tablet, with the Type Cover thrown in, for 0. This is a dynamite deal. Read our Surface Pro 7 preview.

  Straight from the company's press release, here are the current deals it's highlighting; some of these are already noted above: 

  Best Buy stores are opening at 5 p.m. local time on Thanksgiving, with the company highlighting the deals listed below (again, straight from its press release). These will presumably be available online as well.

  Feeling the heat from Amazon Prime, Best Buy is now adding free next-day delivery on "thousands of items" purchased on its website. And it's also offering free standard shipping on everything else through Christmas Day, with no membership or minimum purchase required.

  Same-day delivery is also available for some online orders in dozens of US cities, too. 

  Check it out here.

  Originally published earlier. Updated with our favorite deals now highlighted at the top.



  胜负彩16135期返还差【奥】【托】【与】【大】【商】【人】【古】【尔】【德】【做】【了】【一】【个】【约】【定】,【他】【将】【此】【事】【原】【原】【本】【本】【告】【诉】【自】【己】【的】【儿】【子】【留】【里】【克】,【亦】【是】【将】【关】【于】【肥】【皂】【的】【巨】【量】【订】【单】【告】【知】【了】【祭】【司】【们】。 【要】【在】【海】【冰】【融】【化】【前】【生】【产】【一】【千】【块】【肥】【皂】,【根】【据】【协】【议】,【祭】【司】【们】【将】【获】【得】【其】【中】【的】【八】【百】【枚】【银】【币】【的】【报】【酬】。 【这】【里】【赚】【得】【最】【多】【的】【就】【是】【留】【里】【克】【自】【己】,【大】【商】【人】【的】【订】【单】【经】【费】【是】【四】【千】【银】【币】,【他】【留】【里】【克】【自】【己】【不】【需】【要】【提】【供】【任】


【根】【据】【小】【瑶】【所】【述】,【那】【名】‘【磨】【剑】【师】’【早】【在】【百】【年】【前】【大】【概】【就】【已】【经】【消】【失】【在】【了】‘【骨】【海】’【一】【带】,【至】【于】【去】【向】【则】【是】【不】【明】,【甚】【至】【没】【有】【丝】【毫】【线】【索】。 “【不】【厌】【哥】【哥】,【抱】【歉】.【是】【小】【瑶】【没】【用】”【小】【瑶】【有】【些】【难】【受】。 【顾】【不】【厌】【摸】【了】【摸】【小】【瑶】【的】【脑】【袋】,【微】【笑】【道】:“【这】【也】【不】【怪】【你】..【其】【实】【我】【也】【早】【该】【想】【到】【这】【些】【的】” 【宋】【斌】


  【四】【月】【天】,【气】【温】【回】【暖】。 【凉】【城】【大】【学】【的】【学】【生】【们】【结】【束】【冬】【眠】【状】【态】,【跨】【出】【寝】【室】【开】【始】【活】【动】。 “【听】【说】【咱】【们】【学】【校】【外】【开】【了】【家】【烘】【焙】【店】,【老】【板】【美】【得】【跟】【仙】【女】【似】【的】。” 【以】【章】【旭】【宇】【为】【首】【的】【建】【筑】【一】【班】【男】【生】【成】【群】【结】【伴】【出】【门】,【这】【话】【是】【其】【中】【一】【人】【说】【的】。 【有】【人】【质】【疑】:“【能】【美】【过】【外】【语】【系】【系】【花】?” “【呵】,【不】【是】【一】【个】【级】【别】【的】,【人】【是】【仙】【女】【懂】【吗】?【仙】【女】!”


  “【给】【你】【点】【时】【间】,【调】【整】【下】。” 【景】【东】【逗】【着】【她】,【目】【光】【深】【幽】【的】【看】【着】【她】。 【子】【琦】【撅】【了】【撅】【嘴】,【大】【声】【道】,“【我】【不】【用】,【快】【进】【去】【吧】,【大】【家】【等】【你】【呢】!” 【景】【东】【轻】【笑】【了】【下】,【驱】【动】【车】【子】【往】【门】【口】【开】【去】,“【大】【家】【是】【在】【等】【你】。” 【果】【不】【其】【然】,【一】【进】【门】,【景】【东】【就】【看】【见】【大】【家】【伙】【列】【队】【两】【边】,【欢】【迎】【他】【们】【进】【来】。 “【欢】【迎】,【欢】【迎】,【热】【烈】【欢】【迎】!” “【欢】


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